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Black Lotus Flower Bracelet with Beige, Green & Gray Accent Beads & the most adorable tiniest Lotus Flower Bead.

Lotus Flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

The roots of the lotus grow in the mud, the flower itself blossoms to rise above the water.
Mud represents the obstacles of life & the lotus flower symbolizes the journey of overcoming these obstacles.
Everyone faces challenges in life: sadness, illness, loneliness, disappointment, failure & death - the key is to always rise above. 💫
Can 🐝 worn alone or stacked.

Handmade with 💋

Please note: Contains small parts, not recommended for children 0-3. Children over this age should be supervised if wearing.

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Very pretty, is just as expected. Thanks!

These are beautiful with perfectly placed contrasting beads to break up the black, very comfortable on the wrist, and were bought for a symbolic meaning which the lotus flower embodies. Lovely!

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